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Money Mindset – how does your behaviour and upbringing impact your financial decisions
Studies show that when it comes to making decisions, us humans rely not only on our heads but our hearts as well*.

We allow our emotions and experiences to colour our preferences**. And when it comes to decisions around finances, it’s no different.

So how can you identify the impact that your behaviour and upbringing have on your finances? And how can you ensure that you’re not sabotaging your own financial success?

Join financial strategist and enable.me founder, Hannah McQueen, alongside guest panellist, resilience coach and founder of The Mental Fitness Company, Sue Kohn-Taylor to find out.

They will discuss the ways in which your day-to-day habits and those learnt from your parents impact your financial decisions, and answer your questions on the psychology of money in a live Q&A.

* https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2158244019837439
** https://www.fma.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/160420-Whitepaper-Behavioural-Insight.1.pdf

Jul 26, 2022 07:30 PM in Auckland, Wellington

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Hannah McQueen
Founding Director @enable.me
Once you’ve met Hannah, you’ll understand why people often describe her as ‘a financial force of nature’. There’s no doubt as to Hannah’s expertise – her list of qualifications is long. She’s also a best-selling personal finance author, media commentator, the founder of enable.me and developed a mortgage optimisation formula with the University of Auckland's Dr Jamie Sneddon. With her strategic nous and boundless appetite for ‘better’, Hannah McQueen is someone everyone could benefit from having in their corner.
Host | Nadine Higgins
Performance coach and PR Manager @enable.me
Nadine Higgins is a financial coach with enable.me - financial strategy and coaching, and a former financial journalist and TV news presenter. Nadine made her name as the host of TVNZ's morning business new show, where she made finance stories accessible through her ability to explain complex issues in a way that's easy to understand. As both a journalist and as a financial coach, Nadine has always been driven by a desire to equip people with knowledge, so they can be empowered to make informed financial decisions.
Sue Kohn-Taylor
Founder and Director @The Mental Fitness Company
Sue is an expert life navigator, a master of motivation, and a specialist resilience coach. From her own lived experiences she knows that attitude and aptitude are critical in order to respond proactively and positively to life’s inevitable challenges. She also knows that we humans aren’t necessarily born with these traits, but that they can be learned and shared. It’s something she likes to call Mental Fitness. The passionate founder of The Mental Fitness Company, Sue’s experience in personal development, positive psychology, wellbeing and mind training form the foundation for her to educate and empower others so that being a human is an easier job. Known for her friendly, warm and down-to-earth attitude and techniques for simplifying life, Sue’s speaker sessions and workshops are full of personal stories and “MindFood” to take away and digest as well as actions to apply to help being a human an easier job!